Extra capacity
Up to 20%-30% extra heating 
capacity by the intelligent 
Smart Boost logic.
Plus since 2016
Smart Boost
PXT from 2020
Ambient temp.
​​PX Boost
Traditional Inverter
Through and through,                                 PXT is built 
with your needs. 
Graceful curve and sense of 
wholeness blends PX Boost with 
surroundings.Hidden screw 
design provides additional 
Every aspect of PX Boost is 
designed in pursuit of 
Optimized system for 
winter swimming.
Intelligent and 
accurate 0.1 degree 
temperature control 
provides the 
comfortable and 
enjoyable heating 
Optimized water 
pump pilot solution 
with Timing priority 
logic to control 
filtration water pump 
to save more 
electricity cost.
Full Inverter 
technology COP up 
to 16, maximises 
energy efficiency, 
extends your 
swimming season 
Silence as it will be, fit 
in background noise.
Thanks to R32 refrigerant, with which we can make more contribution to reduce to decrease the speed of global warming with less carbon footprint, and also help you save the F-gas quota cost by 68% 
compared to R410A.
Easy - to - use LCD 
controller with flexible 

function: Boost, Smart 

and Silent.

Control your pool heat pump anywhere and anytime
With our  'Alsavo Pro' APP you can :
Start / stop your heat pump 
Check / set pool temperature 
Check heat pump data
Safety lock for parameter setting
Error code notification
Multiple operational 
modes are designed for 
different climates. 
☆ Heating 
☆ Cooling 
☆ Automatic
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