INVERBOOST technology since 2013

8 years' development & improvement
Excellent reliability proved by the professional market.
inverboost technology

Reliable full inverter technology

INVERBOOST pool heat pump adopts the reliable inverter technology to variate the working frequency dynamically to get the optimal performance. INVERBOOST heating solution maximizes energy efficiency and extends swimming season eco-friendly.

- Reliable full inverter technology.

- Superior performance in low/high ambient temperature.

- Best combination of performance and silenc

More energy saving

Full inverter technology enables the fan and compressor to work intelligently, starts with Turbo mode to heat up the water to the set temperature, then maintain the temperature with a constant and low frequency, this helps to save tremendous amount of energy.
Technology - Zealux
Technology - Zealux

4 season operation

Turbo Mode

Intelligent operation to achieve extra 20% heating capacity, fast heating & excellent performance for all year round swimming.

Silent Mode
It achieves the highest energy efficiency and greatly improves customers' experience.

Smart Mode
Dynamically working to maintain your pool temperature according to different climate.

Whisper silence

Designed to be quiet, the low noise INVERBOOST pool heat pump perfectly fit in background noise and keep friendly neighborhood.
Technology - Zealux
Technology - Zealux

Super Efficiency

More energy saving

Maximise energy efficiency

Extend your swimming season

Built-in WIFI

- Alsavo Pro APP supports you to control heat pump anywhere and anytime.

- 10 languages available.

Technology - Zealux
Technology - Zealux


For the same size pool, a bigger unit would be highly recommended, which enables the unit to run at lower speed to get a more comfortable and relaxing swimming pool and save more energy at the same time.

Greener refriferant

R32 refrigerant makes more contribution to decrease the speed of global warming with less carbon footprint.
Technology - Zealux