Technology - Zealux
Technology - Zealux

For over a decade, INVERBOOST® fully inverter technology has been specifically designed to reduce energy consumption and ensure optimal performance. Our signature full inverter technology serves as the cornerstone for developing energy-efficient and eco friendly products, which are tailored for Space Heating and Cooling, Pool and SPA Heating and Cooling.

Technology - Zealux

30% Energy Savings

Full inverter technology enables the fan and compressor to work intelligently, starts with Turbo mode to heat up the water to the set temperature.

And then maintain the temperature with a constant and low frequency, this helps to save tremendous amount of energy.

120% Heating Output

Turbo mode, with 120% heating capacity, heats up quickly to reach the required temperature for pools and spas

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20% Noise Reduction

ZEALUX® pool heat pump adopts innovative technology to reduce noise with an impressive 20% quieter operation.

Customized for your garden, it contributes to a quiet environment and keeps a harmonious neighborhood.

Dual Intelligent Control

“TUYA SMART” is an innovative app that controls your heat pump anytime, anywhere. The app makes it easy to pre-heat your indoor, pool or spa, set timers in advance and switch between different modes before you get home.

The intelligent control panel of the fuselage is easy to use. Water pump-pilot function. Heating, cooling and auto mode for options.Timing priority logic for worry free filtration system.

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Technology - Zealux

365 Days Green Home / Good Times Start Now

ZEALUX® heat pumps bring you the ultimate experience, unlocking the perfect temperature for
your House, Pool & SPA. No more too hot or too cold – just the warmth you desire.


Smart Mode

Intelligent operation to achieve an extra 20% heating capacity, fast heating & excellent performance for the house.


Silent Mode

It achieves the highest energy efficiency and greatly improves customers' experience.


Turbo Mode

Dynamically working to maintain your pool temperature according to different climate.