• Premium ASA casing design
  • Air top discharge design
  • Less space for installation-friendly neighborhood
  • Operation down to -12℃ ambient temperature

Enjoy your pool all year round with INVERBOOST VX full inverter solution!

Flexible installation

The vertical design is more space saving for your backyard.

Intelligent working

Inverter driven pool heat pumps could adjust the fan and compressor speed from 20%-100% according to the real time heat demand of the pools.

3 working modes

Turbo, smart and silence, the VX range could maximize energy effiency with COP up to 16, more energy saving.

Comfortable and quiet

Quiet operation and great performance bring you more comfortable swimming experience.

Extended swimming season

Designed to work in harsh condition and cold climate.

built- in Wi-Fi

Control your pool heat pump anytime and anywhere.

inverboost VX pool heat pump

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