Zealux Wall Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit

  • Super silent running
  • Ultra-thin casing
  • Variable Fan Speed
  • Flexible Installation and maintenance
  • Smart Control
zealux fan coil unit

What is a Fan Coil Unit

Fan Coil Units are a highly efficient means of turning a water chiller, heat pump or hot water boiler into an efficient,
quiet hot and cold switching system. These units are an effective solution to provide a comfortable environment for both commercial and
residential application.The INVERBOOST® fan coil range meets today's demanding requirements for performance, size, acoustics,
low energy consumption, ease of installation and maintenance.

fan coil unit features

Green Technology

INVERBOOST® is the technology brand of ZEALUX® Group,
with a world-advanced laboratory and R&D team. For over a
decade of innovative development and market validation, we
have been highly recognized by our customers and partners.
Energy-saving technology, lower power consumption, variable
air volume, flexible for your home's energy demand.

Energy Conservation

Compared to equipment with a three-speed motor, our fan coil units with brushless DC Motors deliver up to 70% savings in energy usage. In addition, with five speeds and an automatic mode, the INVERBOOST® fan coil could be intelligently adjusted according to its surrounding environments, and achieves quieter and more energy-efficient running.

Smart Control

Two intelligent control modes, one is operated by the body’s controller, the other is to connect the device through WIFI and Bluetooth, which is available for IOS and Android versions. Allowing you to check the equipment’s status anytime and anywhere and set timers for automatic start and stop.


Modern Aesthetic

Minimal yet meticulous, the design of our fan coil stands out. The modern, elegant aluminum panels blend seamlessly into your home with

outstanding rust-proofing.



Whisper Quiet

Low at 30dB(A), INVERBOOST® fan coil units operate at low volume under no circumstances. There is no resonance at any frequencies.



Climate Comfort

Intelligent design works with your outdoor heat pump, automatic cool/heat changeover based on air temperature, providing a versatile solution for your home to maintain an optimal cooling in the summer and efficient heating in the winter.

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