ZEALUX INVERBOOST Residential Air to Water Heat Pump

  • Unique artistic technique and style
  • Hidden-screw Aluminum cabinets
  • Unique professional INVERBOOST technology, good market reputation since 2013
  • Low noise design
  • Super efficiency A+++
  • All in one design with intelligent control
  • Service centers and warehouses in France and Germany, after-sale service and product training supported

INVERBOOST Air Source Heat Pump

Zealux INVERBOOST air source heat pump can make your home more comfortable. The all-in-one design integrates air heating, cooling, floor heating and domestic hot water into one system, which fully meets end user needs. Eco-friendly with high energy efficiency, it contributes to your low carbon life. The low noise design creates more relaxing enviroment. The intelligent control system bring convenience to users and service providers.

Aluminium cabinet

Low temperature working inverter compressor

Brushless DC fan motor


Water/Electric isolation design


Perfect energy saving solution, space heating and cooling and domestic hot water are provided. It can replace or work with traditional gases or oil-fired boilers.

Wide operating range

ZEALUX INVERBOOST air/water heat pump is designed to be installed in almost all properties including limited space houses.

Easy installation & maintenance

Multi-functions intergerated in one outdoor unit, INVERBOOST air/water heat pump is significantly cost savings.The installation is also easy.

Flexible working

When cooling mode is selected, the system automatically switches between cooling and heating modes depending on the outdoor temperature to serve as an all-season air conditioner.


With the most advanced energy saving INVERBOOST technology, ZEALUX INVERBOOST air/water heat pump could reach the highest level of energy efficiency in the market and achieve great saving on energy consumption, reducing energy bills significantly for customers.

R32 Refrigerant

Zealux INVERBOOST air source heat pump range use R32 green refrigerant, which is better for the environment. (the global warming potential of 675 is two-thirds less than R410a.)


Control your INVERBOOST heating system anywhere anytime by a simple click on the mobile phone. The controller and the APP are multi-functional and easy to use.


ZEALUX INVERBOOST air source heat pump has a very low operation noise, using multiple noise reduction technologies such as noise reduction, sound insulation, and sound absorption, the operating noise is reduced to 44 dB(A), allowing you to enjoy a quiet home life.

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