ZEALUX INVERBOOST Residential Air to Water Heat Pump

  • Unique artistic technique and style
  • Hidden-screw Aluminum cabinets
  • Unique professional INVERBOOST technology, good market reputation since 2013
  • Low noise design
  • Super efficiency A+++
  • All in one design with intelligent control
  • Service centers and warehouses in France and Germany, after-sale service and product training supported
zealux air source heat pump

Leading Next-generation Heating Solutions for House, Pool, SPA

Zealux® air to water heat pump can make your home more comfortable.The all-in-one design integrates air heating,cooling,
floor heating,domestic hot water,pool & spa heating into one system,which fully meets end users'needs.Eco-friendly with high
energy efficiency,it contributes to your low carbon life.The low noise design creates a more relaxing enviroment.The intelligent control
system brings convenience to users and service providers.






zealux inverboost 3.20-02
With A+++, the ZEALUX® heat pump adpots the new-generation INVERBOOST® full inverter technology to maximize COP performance with an efficiency increase of 30%.
Thanks to its intelligent adjustment, ZEALUX® heat pumps work more efficiently and keep your energy bill as low as possible. Less consumption, same output.


For information on heat pump subsidies, please refer to the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA)

ZEALUX air source heat pump

Intelligent Control

Thanks to the smartphone remote control app, "TUYA SMART",
homeownerscan simplify smart home management. Via the app,
it’s simple to set the desired temperature anytime anywhere and
maintain a warm indoor environment through subtle and continuous
adjustments, resulting in a further reduction of running costs--saving each penny.

Modern Minimalist Aesthetic Design

The minimalist design, at the crossroads of contemporary aesthetics
and functionality, demonstrates a harmonious fusion between
advanced technology and elegance and blends seamlessly into
your garden. It uses premium materials and processing to achieve
rust-free perfection in each and every detail. We balance quality and
craftsmanship, creating harmonious spaces for your garden.

ZEALUX air to water heat pump
ZEALUX air source heat pump page

Silent Operation

ZEALUX heat pumps adopt innovative technology to reduce noise with
an impressive 20% quieter operation.Invest in our low-noise heat pumps
to enjoy a quieter and more harmonious living environment.

Zealux home heating air source heat pump

More Application | All-in-one Design

ZEALUX spa heater pool heat pump

The new-generation INVERBOOST® with full-inverter technology is designed for house heating in winter, additional heating for Pool&SPA in summer, 365 days green home.

zealux all in one heat pump and fan coil unit

Quiet and efficient home heating/cooling function brings the ideal temperature to your house.


ZEALUX® cylinders provide hot water up to 65°C.

Zealux air to water heat pump and floor heat

Multiple heat pump connections:underfloor heating, fan coils, or radiators.

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