Mini Pool Heater

  • Ideal heating solution for small above-ground pools and spas
  • Plug and play
  • Easy installtion
  • Safe to use

Small, but powerful enough

“ Zealux MINI “ helps simplify your swimming life. No matter where you are, the mini heat pump is always around your side.

Plug & play!

Get into work-modes in one click.simple click. Working temperature from 12 to 43℃

Eco friendly R32 Gas

Thanks to the new R32 refrigerant, we make the best effort to release less carbon footprint and help to slow down global warming. Moreover, save the F-gas quota cost by 68% compared to R410A refrigerant.

Titanium Heat Exchanger

Durable and corrosion resistant titanium heat exchanger that effectively resists the chemical elements of the pool.

Safe to use

Separation in hydroelectric power Safe and guaranteed RCD with insulated hoses

mini heater

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