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13 Essential Heat Pump Accessories to Upgrade Your Heat Pump System

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In the realm of efficient heating solutions, heat pumps reign supreme for their eco-friendly operation and energy efficiency. Yet, to fully optimize their performance, one must embrace heat pump accessories. These often-overlooked additions play a vital role in enhancing control, efficiency, and overall user satisfaction. In this guide, we delve into 13 essential heat pump accessories from leading heat pump manufacturers, categorized into standard and optional accessories. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking comfort or a facilities manager aiming to boost system performance, this article will navigate you through the must-have accessories to upgrade your heat pump system.

Standard Heat Pump Accessories:


The controller serves as the central command unit for the all in one heat pump system, allowing users to set desired temperatures, adjust operating modes, and monitor performance. It provides convenient control and programming options, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

heat pump controller Heat Pump Accessories

Controller Extension Cable:

This accessory extends the reach of the controller, enabling flexible placement options within the home or building. It allows for convenient installation in areas where the controller’s standard cable length may not be sufficient, ensuring accessibility and ease of use.

Controller Extension Cable

Controller Installation Base:

The installation base provides a stable and secure mounting platform for the controller unit. By ensuring proper positioning and support, it enhances accessibility for users and protects the controller from damage or displacement during operation.

Controller Installation Base

Optional Heat Pump Accessories:

Buffer Tank:

Buffer tanks store excess heat energy generated by the heat pump, allowing for more efficient operation and reducing cycling. They help maintain consistent temperatures within the heating system and provide a reserve of heated water for immediate or future use.

Buffer Tank

Buffer Tank Security Kit:

This kit includes hardware and accessories designed to secure buffer tanks in place, preventing movement or displacement during operation. It enhances system safety and reliability by minimizing the risk of damage or accidents.

Buffer Tank Security Kit

Hot Water Cylinder:

Hot water cylinders store heated water for domestic hot water usage, supplementing the heat pump’s heating capabilities. They ensure a reliable supply of hot water for household needs, enhancing comfort and convenience.

Hot Water Cylinder

Electric Heater:

Electric heaters serve as backup heating elements for the heat pump system, providing additional heat output during periods of high demand or low ambient temperatures. They ensure consistent comfort levels and prevent temperature fluctuations in the indoor environment.

Electric Heater

Expansion Vessel:

Expansion vessels accommodate fluctuations in water pressure within the heating system, protecting components from damage caused by excessive pressure. These heat pump accessories help maintain system integrity and performance, prolonging the lifespan of critical components.

Expansion Vessel

Electromagnetic 3-Way Valve:

3-way valves regulate the flow of water within the heating system, directing it to different circuits as needed for efficient heat transfer. They enable precise temperature control and optimize energy usage, enhancing overall system performance.

Electromagnetic 3-Way Valve

Rubber Feet:

Rubber feet minimize vibration and noise transmission from the heat pump, improving user comfort and reducing disturbances in the surrounding environment. They provide stability and support for the heat pump unit, ensuring quiet and reliable operation.

Rubber Feet

Inverter Water Circulation Pump:

Inverter water circulation pumps adjust pump speed based on system demand, optimizing energy usage and reducing operating costs. They provide efficient water circulation throughout the heating system, improving overall performance and comfort.

Inverter Water Circulation Pump

Differential Pressure Bypass Valve:

Bypass valves maintain balanced water flow and pressure within the heating system, preventing issues such as overheating or pump damage. They ensure proper system operation and protect components from potential damage caused by pressure fluctuations.

Differential Pressure Bypass Valve

Magnetic Particle Filter:

Magnetic particle filters capture debris and contaminants circulating within the heating system, preventing clogs and damage to critical components. They improve system reliability and longevity, reducing maintenance requirements and minimizing downtime.

Magnetic Particle Filter


In the realm of heating tech, we can’t underestimate the importance of heat pump accessories. These often-overlooked add-ons are like the backbone of a well-oiled heat pump setup, fine-tuning control, efficiency, and overall user happiness. Whether it’s basic controllers or those extra water system gadgets, each piece plays a vital role in upping the game of your heat pump investment.

As we wrap up our tour of these 13 must-have heat pump accessories, we urge you to think about the big impact they can have on your heating setup. Whether you’re after extra coziness, higher efficiency, or just a longer-lasting system, these accessories can really make a difference. By decking out your heat pump with these essentials, you’re not just making your heating experience top-notch – you’re also embracing a greener, more sustainable way to stay cozy that’s good for both you and the planet.

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Standard Heat Pump Accessories

Controller extension cable10mStandard
Controller installation baseStandard


Optional Heat Pump Accessories

Buffer tank60/80/100/200/300LOptional
Buffer tank security kitAir release valve DN20(0.8Mpa)

Pressure gauge (0-0.4MPa)

Pressure release valve (0.3Mpa)

Hot water cylinder300LOptional
Electric heater3kWOptional
Expansion vessel5/8/12/19/24LOptional
Electromagnetic 3 way valveVC4013Optional
Rubber feet600*163*98mmOptional

water circulation pump

Differential pressure bypass valveDN25Optional
Magnetic Particle Filter545003 CSTOptional

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Q: Can I install heat pump accessories myself, or do I need professional assistance?

A:The installation complexity of heat pump accessories varies based on the specific accessory and your proficiency level. While certain accessories, such as controller extensions, are relatively simple for DIY enthusiasts to install, others like buffer tanks or expansion vessels may necessitate professional assistance. This ensures their seamless integration with your heat pump system and adherence to safety regulations.

Q: Will adding accessories to my heat pump system void any warranties?

A: Before installing any accessories, it’s crucial to carefully examine the warranty terms offered by your heat pump supplier. Consulting directly with them or a certified installer is advisable. In most instances, incorporating approved accessories and having them professionally installed by authorized technicians will not invalidate your warranty. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to clarify any potential warranty implications in advance.

Q: How do I know which accessories are compatible with my specific heat pump model?

A: Check out the specs and documentation from your heat pump manufacturer to find out what accessories are compatible. Also, best accessories for heat pumps offer compatibility guidelines and support resources to assist you in choosing accessories that match your heat pump model and meet your needs.

Q: Are heat pump accessories energy-efficient, and will they help reduce my heating costs?

A: Lots of air source heat pump accessories are made to boost energy efficiency and make your system perform better, which can lead to lower heating bills. Take buffer tanks, for instance—they cut down on how often your heat pump turns on and off. And then there are inverter air to water heat pumps, which change pump speed based on how much heat you need, cutting down on energy use.

Q: Are there any maintenance requirements for heat pump accessories, and how often should they be serviced?

A: Maintenance needs change depending on the accessory type and what the inverter heat pump supplier suggests. For things like magnetic particle filters or expansion vessels, you might need to check and clean them now and then to keep them working well and lasting longer. It’s smart to stick to the maintenance instructions from the accessory maker or chat with a skilled technician to figure out how often they need servicing.

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