The Future of Home Heating and Cooling

The Future of Home Heating and Cooling – Zealux Inverboost Heat Pump

Floor heating is one of the most popular heating products. According to the different heat media, floor heating can be divided into two basic types: water floor heating and electric floor heating.

Among them, the water floor heating is heated by the air source heat pump, and then the hot water is sent to the hot water pipe on the underside of the floor to heat the floor.

The electric floor heating is heated through the heating cable or electric film on the underside of the floor.

Since 2022, the price of natural gas in Europe has been soaring for several rounds. Because of the economy of air source heat pumps, more and more people prefer ASHP for heating.

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There are numerous benefits to using Zealux Inverboost heat pumps.

1. High energy-saving efficiency

The traditional heat pump is directly heated by electricity, and the efficiency is relatively low. 1kWh of electricity can be generated 1kWh of heat. Zealux Inverboost Air Source Heat Pump is slightly different. It drives the compressor with low power, absorbs low-grade heat energy in the air, converts it into high-grade heat energy, and then uses it for indoor heating.

It also uses an inverter-driven variable speed compressor can get more than 4 kWh of heat only by consuming 1 kWh of electricity.

Therefore, an air source heat pump generates the same amount of heat but consumes little electricity. It spends less money but maximizes energy,so it is a very efficient, energy-saving heating device.

2. Environmental protection and high security

When the Zealux Inverboost Air Source Heat Pump works, it only consumes electricity and does not rely on non-renewable resources such as natural gas, coal, oil, etc., so there will be no flames, no pollutant emissions.

At the same time, the power system of the air source heat pump is concentrated in the outdoor unit. The heat is transmitted to the room through water, which can separate water and electricity, and the room will not be exposed to the power supply, which has good security. Compared with other heating equipment, it can avoid fire and explosion. , poisoning, electric shock and other risks.

3. Four seasons, multi-scene use

Thanks to an outstanding inverboost technology, air source heat pumps are efficient both in the winter and summer. Advanced Zealux Inverboost Heat Pump do more than just heating and hot water operations. In summer, it is also responsible for cooling.

There is one thing will make your home comfortable in the whole winter, our zealux air source heat pumps, they are developed with INVERBOOST technology. Energy efficient during the work time. No need to worry about the high electricity bills and enjoy the comfortable temperature in 4 seasons, just click our website:, you will find the one you like.

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