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Full Inverter Pool Heat Pump Changes Swimming Pool Life

Full Inverter Pool Heat Pump Changes Swimming Pool Life - Zealux

Based on the AVERAGE performance, the full inverter swimming pool heat pump(INVERBOOST PHP) brings you half of the running cost and magical silence-10 times the quieter swimming environment!

The full inverter is a continuously variable inverter, which is powered by an infinitely variable compressor and an infinitely variable fan motor. It is a high-quality frequency converter designed mainly for the principle of low-speed operation. It brings minimum noise, maximum COP, and long working life.

Based on the AVERAGE performance, the full inverter swimming pool heat pump(INVERBOOST PHP) brings you half of the running cost and magical silence-10 times the quieter swimming environment! Ideal for indoor and outdoor swimming pools throughout the year.

The Unique Full Frequency Conversion Pool Heat Pump Makes The Swimming Pool Green And Environmentally Friendly.

The European F-gas Regulation (No. 517/2014) went into effect on January 1,  2015. The aim of the regulation was to reduce F-gas emissions in the European Union by two-thirds of the levels of 2010 by 2030 and to encourage the use of viable and more climate-friendly alternatives, where they are readily available. In order to do this, the regulation established the following:

  • Cap and phase-down for HFCs
  • Bans or restrictions based on GWP on the use of F-gases in some new equipment, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, insulating foams, and technical aerosols
  • Conditions (for example reporting on quantities of HFCs contained and the need for HFC import quotas) on products and equipment containing or relying upon F-gases
  • Future restrictions on servicing/maintenance of equipment using HFCs
  • Rules regarding containment, use, recovery, and destruction of HFCs

The Regulation And Its Measures Will Be Subject To A Full Review Following The Publication Of A Comprehensive Report On Its Effects No Later Than December 31, 2022, Including, In Particular, A Forecast Of The Continued Demand For Hydrofluorocarbons Up To And Beyond 2030.

According To This Regulation, Europe Will Ban The Use Of Original Refrigerants With A Global Warming Potential (GWP) Higher Than 2500 In Fixed Refrigeration Equipment From January 1, 2020. This Ban Will Mainly Affect The Use Of R-404A/R-507A In Refrigeration Applications. As An Alternative Product, Zealux Offers Forane®410A.

From January 1, 2025, Europe Will Ban The Use Of R-410A In Single-Split Air-Conditioning Systems Weighing Less Than 3 Kg. Due To Its High Efficiency, Zealux Has Used Forane® 32 As The Best Alternative To R-410A In Swimming Pool Heat Pumps To Improve Equipment Efficiency And Reduce CO2 Emissions. Forane® 32 May Be An Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant For Heat Pumps.

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Quota Mechanism

The F-gas quota phase-down mechanism reduces the quantity of HFCs that can be sold on the European market to 21% equivalent CO2 in 2030, compared to 2015 as a baseline.

Years Percentage*

* Percentage to calculate the maximum quantity of hydrofluorocarbons to be placed on the market and corresponding quotas. (Source: REGULATION (EU) No 517/201)

As a heat pump expert, Zealux is working hard to upgrade swimming pool heat pumps with environmental protection as the starting point. This is part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. This is why Zealux launched the industry’s first INVERBOOST pool heat pump eight years ago. All this stems from a passion and is more like a mission. Welcome to join us and build a better planet together!

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