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heat pump pool heater

ZEALUX INVERBOOST commercial heat pump pool heater is designed to meet the heat demand of different commercial applications as the most efficient and reliable heating solution for commercial pools. With the advanced full inverter technology, INVERBOOST commercial could deliver all year round stable heating and save running costs to the lowest. It is ideal for sports centers, leisure centers, water parks, hotels, resorts, schools, etc. The commercial pool heater has 4 sizes now: 52kw, 65kw, 105kw, and 130kw.

heat pump pool heater
INVERBOOST COMMERCIAL heat pump pool heater

Advantages of heat pump pool heater

There are many advantages of the INVERBOOST commercial heat pump pool heater. It comes with high COP (Co Efficient of Performance) so low-cost running is significantly important for commercial use. With Turbo, Smart, and Silent 3 working modes, the heat pump pool heater could adjust its power and electricity consumption according to the real-time heat demand of the swimming pool.

The INVERBOOST commercial pool heater could ensure the faster heating of the pool and maintains the comfortable pool water temperature stably with high efficiency. Combining the commercial heat pump pool heater with a pool blanket or cover could further ultimate the energy efficiency for pool heating!

Low-Temperature Operation

INVERBOOST commercial heat pump could work down to -20 degrees. It comes with heating, cooling, and auto mode and has an intelligent defrosting function. This pool heater can extend the swimming season and make more use of the commercial pools.  It can be controlled via the intuitive and easy-to-use LCD controller with multi-functions including starting or stopping the heat pump pool heater, checking or setting pool temperature, checking and setting the pool heater data, safety lock for parameter setting, and error code notification. With the timer function, you could set the time to open or stop the pool heat pump and how long to use the heat pump.

Long Service Life

INVERBOOST commercial heat pump pool heater is the vertical solution, which could be installed flexibly and save space. The refrigerant is R410A, which is eco-friendly. It is a rust and weather-proof cabinet that is corrosion-resistant. It could work in harsh conditions. The components are premier with long service life. INVERBOOST heat pump pool heater could work for years which is more durable than on/off heaters which will start or stop working when the set temperature is reached or not.  And there won’t have peak load for the components as for the dynamic working of the pool heater.

Quiet Operation

As we know, noise is very annoying and hard to accept. INVERBOOST commercial heat pump pool heater runs extremely quiet. Customers could enjoy the peaceful and relaxing pool environment. The noise is low when the set temperature is reached and when the heat pump pool heater maintains the temperature, the inverter compressor and fan slow down.

heat pump pool heater

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