The features of Air source heat pump

The features of Air source heat pump
Energy saving
The operating cost is 1/4 of the electric boiler and 1/2 of the gas boiler, which is more energy-saving than the solar water heater. The energy efficiency ratio is high, and the energy saving effect is obvious.
Save money
The heat pump unit is installed on the roof or outdoors, without the need to build a boiler room; without annual inspection and operation surcharges; without fuel transportation and storage;
The heat pump unit has no safety hazards such as fuel leakage, fire and explosion. Five high-pressure protection, low-pressure protection, compressor overcurrent, overload protection, water temperature ultra-high temperature protection, water tank water level automatic control and other multiple safety protections in the unit, fundamentally eliminate safety hazards such as leakage, dry burning, and ultra-high temperature.
Environmental friendly
The heat pump unit has no pollution to the environment, and is a high-efficiency energy-saving product, which is in line with my country’s energy industry and environmental protection policies
Easy to control
Fully automatic intelligent control of the unit, modular design, simple installation and convenient use
The host adopts famous brand compressor, adopts five-layer anti-rust technology, and is durable
Automatic defrost
Intelligent and flexible defrosting, defrosting parameters and control schemes can be set according to climate conditions in different regions, making defrosting more thorough, flexible and energy-saving
Automatic timing start function
It is used to set the automatic power-on time with your own settings, so as to achieve low power consumption. lower operating costs
Modular control functions
The hot water water supply system composed of multiple units can be flexibly added according to the actual needs of users, and the modular control can automatically adjust the running time of each unit and the sequence of putting into operation, so as to ensure the consistent running time of each unit and the high efficiency and high quality of the entire hot water water supply system. run
Wide range of applications
All-weather work all year round, not affected by day and night, cloudy, sunny, wind and thunder weather. It can meet the hot water needs of schools, hospitals, hotels, factory bathhouses, residential quarters, bathing centers and other industries

features of Air source heat pump

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