The Benefits of Air to Water Heat Pump

Air to water heat pump or ASHPs (Air source heat pumps) is a far more current technology with more complexity and more intricateness but performs the same function as boilers. Using Air source heat pump for heating house is a relatively new renewable heating technology today. It is widely used in well-insulated buildings which have a heating system at low supply temperature. Because these well insulated buildings are ideal conditions for maximum savings on heat pump costs.

Energy Efficient

Used for heating buildings, the production of hot water and several industrial processes, air to water heat pump can ensure considerable savings in electricity consumption and by generating clean energy in the form of heat. It can also greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. What’s more, according to the currently European legislation in force, if the thermal energy taken from a heat pump considerably exceeds the amount of electricity that would have been necessary for its operation, and then it can be considered renewable. In fact, the heat pump draws heat the geothermal energy, air thermal energy, water thermal energy or renewable energy. Heat pumps consume less energy than typical air conditioners and ovens. This is because they are essentially moving air from one place to another instead of burning energy to heat or cool it.

The Benefits of Air to Water Heat Pump - Zealux

Operates All Year

Due to many models can work at very low temperatures, you can use your air to water heat pump throughout the year. And during the summer, an air to water heat pump can be used to cool the atmosphere and give the housekeeper enjoy suitable temperature in the summer.

Easy Maintenance

Heat pumps require little maintenance and can heat your home alone, but annual inspections of your heat pump unit and heating system are recommended to ensure the heating system working properly.

Use for home heating and swimming pool

Zealux INVERBOOST provides 2 choice for your home heating using ways:

①Dual water pumps heating+dual zones (swimming pool)hot water pipeline connection

②Single circulation heating+dual zones (floor heating) hot water pipeline connection

With the most advanced energy saving INVERBOOST technology, ZEALUX air/water heat pump could reach the highest level of energy efficiency in the market and achieve great saving on energy consumption, reducing energy bills significantly for customers.

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