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How to Choose the Right Above Ground Pool Heaters?

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How to choose the right size swimming above ground pool heaters. Want to know how big above ground pool heaters you should buy, you need 3 steps to determine:

above ground pool heaters

pool heat pump

Step 1: Calculate the surface area of the pool (pool length x pool width)

Many pool owners mistakenly believe that the number of gallons in the pool is used to determine the size of the above ground pool heaters. Although in fact, some websites use gallons to determine the size. The size of the gallon is very important, but it is not a direct way.

If you have a larger pool, then there will be more space to release heat, and then more water needs to be heated. Therefore, swimming above ground pool heaters need to be large enough to meet the surface area and pool size. So the surface area is the most important factor. Please multiply the length by the width

Step 2: Divide the surface area by 3 (surface area / 3)

After calculating the surface area of the swimming pool, divide it by three. The recommended minimum BTU size for a specific surface area. For example, a pool is 15×30, so the surface area is 15×30. Divide by 3 to get 150. Therefore, for a 15 x 30 pool, the recommended minimum heater size is 150,000 BTU. But be clearly aware that this is only the recommended minimum size. It is possible that you will need a higher BTU.

Because there are many factors that affect heating, such as wind has a great influence on the heat loss of the swimming pool, so whether there is a swimming pool cover requires different heat pump sizes; another example is whether the swimming pool is outdoor or indoor because the floor and walls inside the swimming pool will emit Heat.

The swimming pool heater’s job is to replenish the heat loss on the surface of the swimming pool in time. Most of the heat loss occurs at night. If there is no protective cover, there is no way to make up for the loss. At this time, higher heating above ground pool heaters is required. wärmepumpe pool

Step 3: Consider all variables for  above ground pool heaters 

After you know the minimum BTU recommended for your swimming pool, you must decide whether you need larger above ground pool heaters. Before you make a decision, please consider all variables that may affect the efficiency of the above ground pool heaters, such as whether the pool has a cover, wind speed, indoor and outdoor pools, and swimming frequency.

So think more and check more before you decide which KW  above ground pool heaters you want.  INVERBOOST above ground pool heaters is your best choice. We have many years of experience to provide you with the most accurate professional advice.  Just send us an email or call us, for your swimming pool size and some other simple information, you can get your answer. Or visit our website: zealux.com, you can find a lot of useable resources.

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